Daisy Duck and her friends friends have their swimwear, and they like to wear them when they go swimming.

  • Daisy Duck - Purple two-piece bikini.
  • Cody - Red swimming trunks.
  • John Darling - White swimming trunks.
  • Bambi - Purple swimming trunks with blue stripes.
  • Mickey Mouse - Red swimming trunks with light yellow lining.
  • Chip - Blue swimming trunks with orange stripes.
  • Ventus- Forest green swimming trunks.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - Light-blue swimming trunks.
  • Cream the Rabbit - Yellow one-piece swimsuit with an orange transparent tutu.
  • Riku - Bright yellow swimming trunks.
  • Buster Bunny - Red swimming trunks.
  • Prince Oliver - Light blue swimming trunks with gray lining.
  • Simon Seville - Blue swimming trunks with lighter blue lining, along with a white shoelace-like bow in the front.
  • Norman Frierson - Dark red swimming trunks with scarlet red lining.
  • Tod - Navy blue swimming trunks with red lining.
  • Hiro Hamada - Red and white checked swimming trunks with a white shoelace-like bow in the front.
  • Taran - Yellow swimming trunks with olive green lining.

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