Pudge the Penguin and his friends have their sleepwear, and they like to wear them at bedtime.

  • Pudge - Brown footy pajamas.
  • Edmond - Orange footy pajamas.
  • Piglet - Light yellow footy pajamas.
  • Thumper - Dark blue footy pajamas with a moon, star, and planets.
  • Dale - Blue short-sleeved nightgown.
  • Baba Looey - Yellow footy pajamas.
  • Charmy Bee - Yellow footy pajamas.
  • Flower - Turquoise footy pajamas.
  • Roo - Red footy pajamas.
  • Fievel Mousewitz - Purple footy pajamas.
  • Dixie - Red footy pajamas.
  • Copper - Yellow footy pajamas with snaps.
  • Tommy Pickles - Baby blue footy pajamas.
  • Chuckie Finster - Green one-piece pajamas and red bunny slippers.

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